Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wood House Painting in Scranton, PA - Hand-Brushing vs. Spraying

By Bentler Painting (Vince Bentler) and Kelly Hopkins

Vince Bentler of Bentler Painting, Scranton, PA hand-brush painting a wood house
For a superior end result when painting a wood house in Scranton, PA, hand brushing is the best choice for a home owner.

So, I bet you are wondering why hand-brushing is the higher-quality option over spraying?    

Hand-brushing pushes the paint into the wood pores.  It gets the paint into more holes, cracks, crevices, and knots; therefore, providing a more uniform, long-lasting, and protective seal for your home.

If you decide on a painting contractor who sprays wood houses, yes, it will be faster and cheaper for you; however, it is important to remember that spraying does not provide the same level of protection as hand-brushing and a spray finish usually starts showing the signs of aging at around 3 years.  In fact, I have seen wood houses that were sprayed with the paint already peeling off after only 1 year! 

Also, spraying wood often results in unevenness because of the inability of the paint to get into the nooks and crannies of wood.  If the paint is sprayed on too heavy, too lightly, or inconsistently, that can also cause an uneven looking appearance to the paint color on the house.

A hand-brushed wood house will last a long time, generally a minimum of 7-10 years (provided the contractor is skilled, performs the proper surface preparations, and uses quality paint.)  

In addition, hand-brushing wood is cleaner than spraying because there are no worries of over-spray and/or wind drifting sprayed paint onto neighbor's houses, cars, personal property, etc.

At Bentler Painting, we specialize in hand-brush painting of wood houses.  Click on the link to the Wood House Painting page at the Bentler Painting website to learn more -